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A Chronology of Mario's Music

The dates that are listed for the Coca~Cola shows are the show dates and not the actual recorded dates. Mario pre-recorded the songs for these shows. For instance, the very fist Coca~Cola song that Mario sang - Granada - was pre-recorded on June-8, 1951, and aired two days later.

There is some dispute concerning a few of these Coke shows as to who the conductor was. Sinatra was supposedly Mario's only conductor for the non-arias while Costa conducted all the arias. We have since learned that this is not the case.

- Bob Dolfi

In May 2003 we decided to link the words to the songs listed on Mario's Discography page. The creation of these song pages is a work in progress and will take some time to complete given the many songs Mario sang. Now for the first time you will be able to read the words to all his songs and sing along with Mario! Our regular 'Lanzalegend Message Forum' posters supported our efforts by providing the words to some of these songs, while remaining words came from our team and Mario's personal archives. A special "Thank You" to all who contributed.

Now <click> on the highlighted song titles and enjoy the words!

- Marlene D'Attanasio


1949 – New York

1-Aida-Celeste Aida
2-La Bohème- Che Gelida Manina
3-Mama Mia, Che Vo Sape?
4-Core' ngrato

1949 – Republic Studios, Hollywood

5-The Didn't Believe Me
6-I Know- I Know- I Know

October 1949 – Hollywood

8-O Sole Mio
11-Granada (alternate take)

April 8, 1950 – Hollywood

12-L'Africana- O Paradiso
13-Carmen- La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetee
14-Carmen- La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetee (alternate take)
15-Martha- M'Appari

April 11, 1950 – Hollywood

16-Madama Butterfly- Stolta Paura L'Amor (with Ms Malbin, soprano)
17-Libiamo, Libiamo, Ne'lieti Calici (with Ms Malbin, soprano)
18-Libiamo, Libiamo, Ne'lieti Calici (with Elaine Malbin, soprano #2)

May 11, 1950 – Hollywood

19-Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)

May 15, 1950 – Hollywood

20-'Elisir D'Amore- Una Furtiva Lagrima
21-I Pagliacci- Vesti La Giubba
22-I Pagliacci- Vesti La Giubba (alternate take)
23-Rigoletto - Questa O Quella
24-Rigoletto- La Donna E Mobile

May 18, 1950 – Hollywood

25-Andrea Chenier- Un Di All'Azzuro Spazio
26-Andrea Chenier- Come Un Bel Di Di Maggio
27-Tosca- Recondita Armonia
28-Tosca- E Lucevan Le Stelle

May 29, 1950 – Hollywood

29-O Holy Night
30-Cavalleria Rusticana- Addio Alla Madre
31-Cavalleria Rusticana- Addio Alla Madre (#2)
32-The Virgin's Slumber Song
33-Rigoletto- Parmi Veder Le Lagrime
34-La Gioconda- Cielo E Mar

June 6, 1950 – Hollywood

35-O Tu Che In Seno Agli Angeli
36-Serenade (Toselli)
37-Serenade (Drigo)

June 27, 1950 – Hollywood

Jeff Alexander Choir;
38-Tina Lina ( Raphael Fasano's dedicated song)
39-Be My Love

June 29, 1950 –Hollywood

Jeff Alexander Choir;
40-Toast of New Orleans
41-Boom Biddy Boom Boom
42-The Bayou Lullaby
43-I'll Never Love You

August 26, 1950 – Hollywood

44-My Song, My Love
45-Because -?
46-I Love Thee
47-For You Alone ?

February 19, 1951 – New York

48-For You Alone

February 23, 1951 – New York

50-The Loveliest Night Of The Year
51-A Vucchella

June 10, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio, Los Angeles

53-Granada (Start of Coca-Cola Shows)
54-Serenade (Toselli)
56-Be My Love

June 17, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

57-Boom Biddy Boom Boom
58-I Love Thee
59-O Sole Mio
60-The Loveliest Night Of The Year

June 24, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

61-My Song, My Love
62-Serenade (Drigo)
63-I'll Never Love You
64-I Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba

July 1, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

65-Funiculi, Funicula (in English)
66-Mama Mia, Che Vo Sape
68-Thine Alone

July 8, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

69-For You Alone
70-La Danza
71-I'm Falling In Love With Someone
72-Torna A Surriento

July 15, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

73-Tina Lina (Raphael's song)
75-Rigoletto- La Donna E Mobile (in English)

July 22, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

77-The World Is Mine Tonight
78-Yours Is My Heart Alone
79-Oh Nights Of Splendor
80-Tosca- Recondita Armonia

July 29, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

81-All the Things You Are
82-Long Ago And Far Away
83-The Touch Of Your Hand
84-The Song Is You

August 5, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

85-Cosi Cosa
86-Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise

August 12, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

88-A Vucchella
89-Wanting You
90-Ave Maria Bach-Gounod

August 19, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

91-I've Got You Under My Skin
93-My Heart Stood Still
94-L'Africana: O Paradiso

August 26, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

95-Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life
96-If You Are But A Dream
97-Time On My Hands

September 2, 1951 – Radio Recorder Studio

98-Without A Song
99-Wonder Why
100-They Didn't Believe Me

101-The Lord's Prayer

September 9, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
102-Night And Day
103-The Desert Song
104-Tosca: E Lucevan Le Stelle

September 16, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
105-With A Song In My Heart

September 23, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
107-Song Of Songs
108- Strange Music
109-The Rosary

September 28, 1951 - Republic Studios
Jeff Alexander Choir;
110-Guardian Angels
111-Silent Night
112-The First Noel
113-O Come All Ye Faithful
114-Away In A Manger
115-O Little Town Of Bethlehem

September 29, 1951 - Republic Studios
Jeff Alexander Choir
116-We Three Kings Of Orient Are
117-The Lord's Prayer

December 3, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
119-Through The Years
120-Where Or When
121-None But The Lonely Heart

December 10, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
123-Look For The Silver Lining
124-Your Eyes Have Told Me So
125-Guardian Angels

December 17, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
127-Make Believe
129-You And The Night And The Music

December 24, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
130-O Come All Ye Faithful
131-Silent Night
132-O Little Town Of Bethlehem
133-The First Noel

December 31, 1951 - Radio Recorder Studio
135-Neapolitan Love Song (Victor Herbert)
136-When Day Is Done

January 7, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
137-The Best Things In Life Are Free

January 14, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
With Ray Sinatra
140-The Donkey Serenade
141-The Thrill Is Gone
142-Rigoletto: Questa O Quella

January 21, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
144-My Romance
145-The Hills Of Home
146-One Night Of Love

January 25, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
147-The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful
148-Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
149-Roses Of Picardy
150-Begin The Beguine

February 1, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
151-Lady Of Spain
153-What Is This Thing Called Love
154-I'll See You Again

February 8, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
156-Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight
157-Among My Souvenirs
158-L'Elisir D'Amore: Una Furtiva Lagrima

February 15, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
159-I'll See You In My Dreams
161-I Never Knew
162-My Buddy

February 22, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
163-If I Loved You
164-Fools Rush In
165-Someday I'll Find You
166-Tell Me Tonight

March 7, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
168-Day In, Day Out
169-Carmen: La Fleur Que Tu M'avais Jetée

March 14, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
170-Danny Boy
171-A Kiss In The Dark
172-The Trembling Of A Leaf
173-My Wild Irish Rose

March 21, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
174-Santa Lucia
175-A Little Love, A Little Kiss
176-Cavalleria Rusticana: Addio Alla Madre

March 28, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
177-The Moon Was Yellow
178-Core 'ngrato
180-Rigoletto: La Donna E Mobile

April 4, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
181-April In Paris
182-Fenesta Che Lucive
183-And Here You Are
184-La Bohème: Che Gelida Manina

April 11, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
185-Deep In My Heart, Dear
186-Dicitencello Vuie
187-You Are Love

April 18, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
188-Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies
189-Maria Mari
190-When You're In Love
191-La Gioconda: Cielo E Mar

April 25, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
192-Alone Together
193-Non Ti Scordar Di Me
194-Rigoletto: Parmi Veder Le Lagrime

May 2, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
195-Beautiful Love
196-Santa Lucia Luntana
197-I'll Be Seeing You
198-Aida: Celeste Aida

May 9, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
199-Love Is The Sweetest Thing
200-Andrea Chenier: Come Un Bel Di Di Maggio

May 16, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
201-You'll Never Walk Alone
202-Na Sera E Maggio
203-L'Arlesiana: Lamento Di Federico

May 23, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
204-Andrea Chenier: Un Di All'Azzuro Spazio
205-Tu Ca Nun Chiagne
206-Somebody Bigger Than You And I

May 30, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
207-One Alone
208-Canta Pe' Me
209-La Forza Del Destino: O Tu Che In Seno Agli Angeli

June 6, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
210-Besame Mucho
211-Senza Nisciuno
212-Fedora: Amor Ti Vieta

June 13, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
213-Parlami D'Amore Mariu
214-A Kiss

June 18, 1952 - MGM Studios, Hollywood
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
215-I'll Walk With God - recorded February 24, 1954)

June 20, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
216-Musica Proibita
217-I Pagiacci: Un Tal Gioco

June 27, 1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
218-La Spagnola
219-La Bohème: Testa Adorata

1951-1952 - Radio Recorder Studio
Alternate Takes
220-Day In, Day Out
221-Deep In My Heart, Dear (Student Prince)
222-I'm Falling In Love With Someone
223-Look For The Silver Lining
224-My Romance
225-Na Sera E Maggio
226-Oh Nights Of Splendor
227-One Night Of Love
228-Santa Lucia Luntana
229-Serenade (Student Prince)
230-Someday I'll Find You
231-Wanting You
232-You Are Love
233-You'll Never Walk Alone
234-Your Eyes Have Told Me So

July 24, 1952 - Republic Studios
236-You Do Something To Me

July/August 1952 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
237-A Mighty Fortress

Jul 29, 1952 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
conducted by Constantine Callinicos
240-Summertime In Heidelberg - with Ann Blyth, soprano

July 31, 1952 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
241-What's To Be (not in movie)
242-Golden Days

August 1, 1952 - Republic Studios
RCA Victor Orchestra;
243-The Song Angels Sing
244-Because You're Mine

August 5, 1952 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
245-Drink, Drink, Drink

August 7, 1952 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
246-Ergo Bibamus - with 'Costa', piano
247-Gaudeamus Igitur (Lanza vocal not featured in movie)
248-Gaudeamus Igitur (different take)

August 12, 1952 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
249-Deep In My Heart, Dear - with Ann Blyth, soprano

May 20, 1953 - MGM Studios
"The Student Prince" soundtrack
250-Beloved (remake)

June 17, 1953 - Republic Studios
251-Song Of India
252-If You Were Mine
253-If You Were Mine (alternate take)
254-Call Me Fool
255-You Are My Love

December 28, 1953 - Warner Bros. Studio, Hollywood
256-Summertime In Heidelberg (with Gale Sherwood, soprano)
257-I'll Walk With God

June 28, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
258-La Danza

June 30, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
259-Torna A Surriento

July 5, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
260-La Bohème: O Soave Fanciulla - with Jean Fenn, soprano
(Lanza only - Jean Fenn vocal recorded later

July 11, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
261-Der Rosenkavalier: Di Rigori Armato
262-My Destiny

July 13, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
Orchestra conducted by Ray Heindorf
263-L'Arlesiana: Lamento Di Federico
264-Fedora: Amor Ti Vieta
265-Tosca: Qual Occhio Al Mondo (not featured in movie)
266-La Bohème: Ci Lasciaremo All Stagion Fiori
267-Il Trovatore: Di Quella Pira

July 15, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
268-L'Africana: O Paradiso
269-Serenade (different song to main theme - not used in movie)
270-Serenade (as above - alternate take)

July 19, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
conducted by Ray Heindorf
271-Otello: Dio Ti Giocondi - with Gloria Boh, soprano
272-Turandot: Nessun Dorma (rejected)

July 21, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
273-Otello: Dio Ti Giocondi - with Gloria Boh, soprano
274-Turandot: Nessun Dorma (remake)
275-My Destiny

August 18, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
277-Ave Maria (Schubert)

August 25, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
279-Serenade (alternate version)

August 26, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
Guitar, marimba and accordion accompaniment

October 26, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
281-Ave Maria (Schubert)

November 22, 1955 - Warner Bros. Studios
"Serenade" soundtrack
282-Otello: Dio Ti Giocondi - with Licia Albanese, soprano

May 14, 1956 - Warner Bros. Studio
"Lanza on Broadway" - RCA recording
Jeff Alexander Choir; Irving Aaronson, conductor
283-More Than You Know
284-Why Was I Born?
285-This Nearly Was Mine
286-Falling In Love With Love

May 15, 1956 - Warner Bros. Studio
"Lanza on Broadway"
Jeff Alexander Choir; Irving Aaronson, conductor
287-So In Love
288-Speak Low
289-My Romance
290-September Song

May 17, 1956 - Warner Bros. Studio
"Lanza on Broadway"
Orchestra and the Jeff Alexander Choir;
291-Younger Than Springtime
292-And This Is My Beloved
293-On The Street Where You Live
294-You'll Never Walk Alone

August 10, 1956 - Republic Studios
Henri René's and the Jeff Alexander Choir
295-This Land
297-Deck The Halls
298-Hark the Herald Angel's Sing
299-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
300-Joy To The World

August 15, 1956 - Republic Studios
Henri René's Orchestra
301-O Christmas Tree
302-I Saw Three Ships
303-Love In A Home
304-Do You Wonder
305-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

August 27, 1956 - Republic Studios
"A Cavalcade of Show Tunes" -
Henri René's -Jeff Alexander Choir
306-I've Told Every Little Star
307-Only A Rose
308-Will You Remember
309-Yours Is My Heart Alone

August 31, 1956 - Republic Studios
"A Cavalcade of Show Tunes"
Henri René's Orchestra
310-Rose Marie
311-The Donkey Serenade
312-All The Things You Are
313-Gypsy Love Song

September 6, 1956 - Republic Studios
"A Cavalcade of Show Tunes"
Jeff Alexander Choir
314-Lover Come Back To Me
315-Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
316-Giannina Mia
317-Thine Alone
318-Yours Is My Heart Alone (remake - rejected)

April 15, 1957 - Republic Studios
Henri René's Orchestra
319-A Night To Remember
321-Come Dance With Me

June 1957 - Auditorium Angelico, Rome
"Seven Hills of Rome" soundtrack
Orchestra conducted by George Stoll/Silvio Clementelli
322-Seven Hills of Rome
323-Seven Hills of Rome (different take)
324-There's Gonna Be A Party Tonight
326-Arrivederci Roma (with Luisa Di Meo)
327-Come Dance With Me
328-Imitation Sequence
329-Rigoletto: Questa O Quella

November 7, 1957 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
Orchestra conducted by George Stoll
330-Never Till Now
331-Younger Than Springtime
332-The Loveliest Night Of The Year
333-Arriverderci Roma (Italian/English )

January 16, 1958 - Royal Albert Hall, London
Constantine Callinicos, piano
334-L'Arlesiana: Lamento Di Federico
335-Lasciatemi Morire
336-Gia Il Sole Del Gange
327-Pieta, Signore
338-Tell Me, Oh Blue, Blue Sky
339-Bonjour, Ma Belle
340-The House On The Hill
341-Tosca: E Lucevan le Stelle
342-Mama Mia, Che Vo Sapè?
343-A Vucchella
345-Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
346-Because You're Mine
347-Rigoletto: La Donna E Mobile

June 1958 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"For The First Time" soundtrack
Orchestra conducted by Carlo Savina/George Stoll
348-Ave Maria (Schubert) (with choir )
349-O Sole Mio
350-Come Prima
351-O Mon Amour
352-Rigoletto: La Donna E Mobile (with accordion accompaniment)

August 1958 - Rome Opera House
"For The First Time" soundtrack
Orchestra, Soloists and Chorus by Callinicos
353-Aida: Grand March
354-I Pagliacci: Vesti La Giubba
355-Otello: Niun Mi Tema
356-I Love Thee
357-Cosi Fan Tutte: Trio

November 1958 - Berlin, Germany
"For The First Time" soundtrack
with Johannes Rediske
358-Hofbrauhaus Song
359-Pineapple Pickers

November/December 1958 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"Mario!" -Album
Orchestra conducted by Franco Ferrara/Chorus by Franco Potenza
360-Funiculi, Funicula
361-Dicitencello Vuie
362-Maria Mari
363-Voce E Notte
364-Canta Pe' Me
365-O Surdato 'namurato
366-Come Facette Mammeta
367-Santa Lucia Luntana
368-Fenesta Che Lucive
369-Tu Ca Nun Chiagne
370-Na Sera E Maggio

April 1959 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"The Student Prince" - RCA Living Stereo recording
Orchestra conducted by Paul Baron;
372-Summertime In Heidelberg (with Norma Giusti, soprano)
373-Gaudeamus Igitur
374-Just We Two (with Norma Giusti, soprano)
375-Thoughts Will Come Back To Me
376-Golden Days
377-I'll Walk With God
380-Drink, Drink, Drink
381-Deep In My Heart, Dear (with Norma Giusti, soprano)

May 1959 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"Lanza Sings Christmas Carols" -
Orchestra conducted by Paul Baron; chorus added later
382-We Three Kings Of Orient Are
383-O Come All Ye Faithful
384-O Little Town Of Bethlehem
385-The First Noel
386-Silent Night
387-Away In A Manger
388-Guardian Angels
389-Joy To The World
390-Hark the Herald Angels Sing
391-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
392-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
393-O Christmas Tree
394-Deck The Halls
395-I Saw Three Ships

June 1959 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"Mario Lanza Sings Caruso Favorites"
Orchestra conducted by Paul Baron
396-Vieni Sul Mar
397-Senza Nisciuno
398-Musica Proibita
399-Vaghissima Sembianza
402-Luna D'estate
403-L'alba Separa Dalla Luce L'Ombra
404-Pour Un Baiser
405-La Mia Canzone
407-Santa Lucia

July 1959 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"The Vagabond King"
408-Love Me Tonight
409-Tomorrow (with Judith Raskin)
410-Drinking Song
412-Nocturne (reprise - not featured on disc)
413-Song Of The Vagabonds
414-Finale (with Judith Raskin, soprano)
415-Only A Rose (with Judith Raskin, soprano)
416-Someday (with Judith Raskin)

August 1959 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
"The Desert Song"
417-Then You Will Know (with Judith Raskin)
418-Riff Song
419-The Desert Song (with Judith Raskin, soprano)
420-My Margo (not featured on disc)
421-One Flower In Your Garden (with Donald Arthur, bass)
422-One Alone
423-One Alone (reprise - not featured on disc)
424-Azuri's Dance
425-I Want A Kiss (Judith Raskin, soprano & Raymond Murcell, baritone)
426-One Good Boy Gone Wrong (with Judith Raskin, soprano)

September 10, 1959 - Cinecitta Studios, Rome
Constantine Callinicos, piano (?)
**The Lord's Prayer [ this is doubtful as only Costa claims this]



- "Mario Lanza brings good people together." - Bob Dolfi



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