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From "The Student Prince" Soundtrack
Words by Paul Francis Webster
Music by Nicholas Brodzsky


Tonight was just a masquerade,
Tomorrow just another day,
Let come whatever, tonight or never,
I'll throw the mask away.

BELOVED! With all my heart, I love you,
With ev'ry breath I pray some day you will be mine;
Summer or spring,
Winter or fall,
You are my life, my love, my all;

BELOVED! The very stars above you,
Are jealous of the way your eyes sparkle and shine;
Day after day,
Near or apart,
I try to say, be still my trembling heart.

But try though I may I cannot hide
This passion inside that won't be denied.
If this be madness, Then, call it madness,
I only know I'll never rest 'til you are mine;

BELOVED! Believe me when I tell you,
From now until the last bright star fades from the blue;
Now and forever, whatever I do,
BELOVED! I love you!


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